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Who is Jan Hicks?

Who is this woman?  She is an adoring wife, a beloved mother, a devoted daughter, a respected teacher, a fun loving woman, and a published author who is after God’s own heart. She is a generous friend, a truth teller, a prayer warrior, a Harley rider, a kayaker, a great listener, and a thankful, transparent woman who has no shame --- as she has been supernaturally changed by God for His mighty purpose. JAN’s FAMILY:    Jan delights in her awesome blended family.  She has two sons, two daughters, eleven grand-children and one great-grandchild. In 2013 her sons took her on a special trip.  They traveled to San Diego to see the sights, sky dive and surf. Jan gives God the glory for His way of showing His unique ways of demonstrating His faithfulness. The Lord surprised her on this particular adventure by introducing her to a couple of high ranking Israeli Generals plus a USA Army Colonel, working in Special Forces. Jan and her husband pray daily that the Lord bless the USA and Israel so she felt this was a gift meeting from the Lord. She counts her personal relationship with Jesus as the top blessing of her life.  In 2014 Jan was surprised by her two sons with a new paddle-board for her 65th birthday.
She rides a Harley, and is delighted to spend days with family and friends out on the family boat. Jan loves horseback riding, kayaking and now paddle boarding. Her family gathers for annual reunions, and for the past 12 years, Jan and her mom enjoy a once a month mother-daughter day. During Spring break each year all available grand-kids are happy to travel with Granny for a fantastic time at the beach together. In 1991, both parents had worried that when Jan began passionately talking about all that Jesus had done for her, they were earnestly concerned that she was in a dangerous cult. They even dispatched Jan’s eldest son to investigate. However, while he only came to church to spy on his mom, during a church service, her son accepted Christ. Jan’s Dad and Mom accepted Christ in December 1994 as he was battling lung cancer. He moved in with Jesus 7 months later.  Her mother continues to serve the Lord today and was remarried to a minister in the year 2000JAN’s MINISTRY: Don and Jan Hicks have lived in the same neighborhood since 1993. For years (1993-1999) Jan worked in the same church that she got saved in. Her gift was to pray and the prayer ministry at this church operated 24 hours a day. Eventually friends from church encouraged Jan to begin an independent prayer ministry outside the church. They even financed a new prayer ministry and a website for Christians United Ministries, Inc. (CUMI) which launched in August of 1999. CUMI began with 12 prayer partners. God blessed their ministry and by His grace the website received prayer requests from churches and other online prayer ministries. Within a year, over 100,000 prayer partners joined from around the globe. Jan continues to work full time, without a salary, while Don works with their son doing restoration
construction to pay the family bills. Today Jan teaches a prayer model that brings healing to hearts that have been wounded or who remain in denial about past hurts. Many hard working Christians withhold pieces of their past from the light of Truth which prevents total healing.  The process she teaches comes from her personal healing experience. It includes closing doors to the enemy’s habitual ways of obstructing a person’s right to live a joy filled life. Jan is invited to share her amazing redemptive testimony at various denominations of faith. The power and grace of God transformed Jan's messy adolescent ways, supernaturally, in one hour. She is a beacon of hope for all who suffer through a life without passion or purpose. His power continues to restore whatever has been stolen from those who genuinely seek wholeness. Jan travels to Mexico in August each year as a teacher/trainer by partnering with Wellspring International School of Ministry. Wellspring combines CUMI and other ministry resources to teach and encourage pastors and their church
leaders to become certified in the simple method of prayer. The deep healing of the Holy Spirit, personally experienced by church leaders, is helping to restore health to the church that Jesus Christ began.  JAN’s HISTORY: Jan was born in Alabama, and raised in Pensacola, Florida. Her daddy owned a meat packing company, and her mamma retired from Sears and Roebuck as the personnel manager. Growing up, her mom and dad did not attend church themselves, but dad dropped off Jan and her brother at a local Baptist church every Sunday.  At the age of 12, Jan went forward to receive Christ Jesus with a gaggle of close pre-teen girlfriends. When she came home boasting of what she had done, her mother stated she was just following the crowd. Jan graduated nursing school and worked in a hospital, a private practice, and was a private duty nurse for Para and Quadriplegics. For a short time she worked in for a Urologist, and the last 5 years of her nursing career was spent working in a Family Practice Office in Foley, Alabama. Little did Jan know that her choices would soon lead her into a personal crisis. Jan first got married in 1967 and at the age of 20, she gave birth to the first of her two sons. That marriage ended up in divorce in 1978 and Jan went out seeking attention as she wildly celebrated her freedom with friends. JAN’s TESTIMONY: In 1979 Jan met a man in a bar, who said all the things a damaged young lady wants to hear. They moved in together and later Jan learned that her boyfriend was secretly shooting up hard drugs. Jan eventually
caught him and she sought to save him by using her knowledge as a nurse. Her boyfriend responded “How can you help me with something you know nothing about!” Jan, full of pride, insisted “ I might not know anything about illegal drugs, but I am smart enough to not get addicted!” In a dare to prove she was strong, Jan stuck her arm out to him. Her boyfriend inserted a needle into her naked arm and filled her veins with liquid cocaine. For the next 12 years, Jan’s arms were full of tracks from heroine, cocaine, and speed use.  Jan manipulated people to get the drugs she craved. She stole from her parents and she overdosed twice and was left for dead once. She was dangerous to herself and to others. Jan attempted to murder the uncle who had molested her as a child, by trying to put a meat hook into the back of his head. She also attempted to intentionally harm the boyfriend who introduced her to drugs.  Jan moved from Pensacola to Alabama in 1982 after getting married again. She continued as a nurse until 1986 when she took a job at Sears and was promoted as a Department Manager.  She wore a mask and hid her addictions and worked to support her drug habit.  Soon she was divorced again and back into the partying lifestyle.  In June of 1991 she was dumped by another live-in boyfriend because he had met Jesus and could not be seen with a ‘whore no more’.  Jan deceived herself into thinking that she was doing okay. By the will of God, on August 4, 1991 that same boyfriend, who was raised by a preacher, and left his home as a prodigal, 
God used him to extend Jan an invitation to church. Jan declares that she only accepted his invite in a desperate attempt to win back the heart of this man. She admitted that she had no desire to turn her life over to God. His will be done on earth, and in us, as we stubbornly submit. During the music and the sermon Jan began to weep. She thought foolishly “If I go up to the alter this ex boyfriend would get credit.” After the service they drove 17 miles back home. Jan was sobbing and requested that he take her back for the music service at 6:00 pm. This inter-denominational church was celebrating their new sanctuary that night and afterwards Jan said “We need to talk”  This ex-boyfriend at one time had been a seminary student, but when his wife divorced him, the seminary kicked him out. He had been angry at God and the church, but he was redeemed and wanted Jan to experience new life in Christ. Later on that night Jan cussed him because he drove her back to the church to speak with the Pastor and his wife. On August 4, 1991 at 9:30 PM after the pastor prayed with Jan, her heart opened and she honestly confessed to God “You know all that I have done, and I am not sure you could use me, but I ask You to help me stop using drugs, alcohol, tobacco and pornography. Jan knew her home was filled with all sources of evil habits. That very night Jan was totally delivered from any desire for drugs, or alcohol. She went home and tossed all substances into a burn barrel. Two weeks later Jan was baptized and delivered from three and a half packs of cigarettes a day. In October of 1991 Jan heard a man named Don Hicks
give his testimony at church. His story of bad choices matched her own struggle with addictions. Jan was moved by the Spirit to ask Don if he would talk to her incarcerated girlfriend. They went to talk over coffee. They talked for hours and soon after began seeing each other every day. Within three months after their first meeting they got married on Jan 3, 1992. Don’s dad was also a preacher, and Don also left home as a prodigal son. He had tasted all that the world had to offer and returned home to Christ in Sept of 1991. Don was also supernaturally delivered from all his addictions which cost him about $20,000 each summer. Don worked in construction and throughout their brief courtship, together they attended either a bible study, or some kind of church function every night of the week. Don led Jan into the Word, the importance of tithing and prayer. Jan Hicks took possession of the indwelt Holy Spirit. Nothing but the indwelt Holy Spirit could ever satisfy her hunger to know God. Jan said YES to God and she allowed Him to inject His living Word into her soul, her body and mind.  Don and Jan Hicks are blessed with an awesome blended family. Don's two daughters refer to Jan as "Mom" and her two sons introduce Don as "Dad". Everyone in the family has crossed over to Freedom in Christ.  The book "Crossing2Freedom", by Jan Hicks“If you find yourself bound by your past --- and try as you might, you are unable to move away from the lingering pain of old hurts, Jan's book encourages you to pick up your mat and walk into all that God has personally intended for you. 
Crossing2Freedom is a must have BOOK for anyone that truly wants to be healed. I learned how to pray effectively and to release certain chapters of my past to the Lord. I live free from the urge to dwell in the hurts of the past. Jan is the real deal, and so is her book. This isn't a book of theory, Crossing2Freedom was written with the blood, sweat, and tears of her own personal journey to absolute freedom in Christ Jesus. Jan has an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying, and she walks her talk by the Holy Spirits leading.” Written by a thankful student in Mexico 2014. You can order this life changing book by clicking here: Christians United Ministries

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